This year the Domestic Estate Management Association (DEMA) is awarding accolades to a select number of its members who have contributed significantly to the advancement of the private service industry. These individuals, schools, and agencies have distinguished themselves from thousands of other members of the private service profession and are awarded accolades for promoting the ideals of professionalism and fulfilling the vision of DEMA. Recipients have proven in their work that they operate with INTEGRITY, TRUST, CONFIDENTIALITY, and MUTUAL RESPECT as their foundational cornerstones toward service.

These rewards are particularly prestigious as nominations for awards are gathered from across the U.S.A and 18 foreign countries from vast branches of the private service industry (local DEMA chapters, schools, placement agencies, employers, and DEMA National). Final nominees are then selected after peers and DEMA National review candidate’s merits based on the vision of DEMA to promote members who are motivated by an attitude of service that is driven by these cornerstones and Professional/Personal Relationships, Lawful Behaviour, Dedication, Continuing Education, Personal Development and Mentorship with each other.

In a profession that prides itself on excellence, high standards of ethical workmanship and operating above reproach, the winners of these awards are to be highly commended. They are now distinguished as role models, standard bearers of excellence and carries off the flame for dedicated service to a world needing civility, self-sacrifices, and mentoring.

Award Categories

Agency of the Year 
This award goes to the agency that exemplifies professionalism by balancing the demands of the employers and the needs of the candidate. Good business practices such as exceptional communication (follow-up time, open/honest communicating, in-person contacts), honesty, and above average documentation are highly considered. Continued relationship building after placement is the hallmark of an exceptional agency. Candidates for this award provide exceptional follow-up, continued mentoring and an effort to make retention and job satisfaction an ongoing achievement. Agencies concerned about fair employ contracts, wages and benefits will be acknowledged for the advancement they are making in this industry.


Educator of the Year
This award goes to the school or individual who brings to the industry new candidates of exceptional caliber. Individuals who provide continued training/mentoring within the industry are also given this prestigious award. DEMA seeks out Educators who promote high standards in positive teaching practices: a curriculum that evolves with the industry, creative learning environments that promote the ideals of DEMA, standardized procedures, promotion of the industry as a profession of excellence.


Vendor of the Year
This award is given to the DEMA Vendor that partners with the Estate Manager to provide seamless white-glove service to the Principals. They exemplify the standards set forth in the star rating system used to vet all DEMA Vendor members. Vendors who have earned a four-star rating, or above, are considered. Honored Vendors not only provide exceptional service to the principals but seek out ways to educate, encourage and promote the local DEMA chapter. They join forces with DEMA national to help standardize professional business practices in the private service industry.


Humanitarian of the Year
This award was created to recognize a DEMA member who shows exemplary effort in creating a better world. Candidates for this award have distinguished themselves by improving the lives of others and devoting time and resource to services that leave a lasting impression of wholeness. Recipients of this award have raised the standard of service to others and are dedicated to breaking down walls that divide society. They are bridge builders, promoters of good will, healers, and visionaries. They carry the highest flame of excellence – lighting the way for positive change that others may join the campaign for a better world.


Chapter of the year
All of our chapters are made up of volunteer leadership boards. DEMA Chapters meet throughout the country on a monthly basis and allow for educational and networking meetings to take place for Private Service Professionals to attend.

This is award is presented to the DEMA Chapter that consistently meets deadlines regarding setting up speakers and venues, new members, meeting attendance, and attendance at the national convention over the last twelve months. The recipient of this award is the chapter that has set the highest standards for chapters across the country.


Private Service Professional of the Year Award
This award goes to the Private Service individual who has set him or herself apart as an exceptional DEMA member. Laudable professional skills, past and ongoing training and efforts in mentoring others have highlighted the recipient’s life. Leadership on a local level and support of DEMA National work in-tandem to make this person an asset to the industry. The recipient strives for professionalism in all areas of his or her life and has set an example of devoted service to others – professionally and privately.


DEMA Lifetime Achievement Award
This is DEMA’s most coveted award and reserved only for those individuals who have made a profound impact for the better on the private service industry. The award is limited to individual members who have made a career of service to others – having dedicated no less than ten years to the private service industry. He or she has proven in work and private life that service is a way of living and thinking and it should permeate into all around him or her.


Nomination Forms will be coming out soon.  In the meantime, if you would like to nominate a candidate please email us at for more information.

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