Consulting Services

While creating the DEMA Estate Manual, DEMA has been working with some of the most talented estate managers in the country. Now DEMA is collaborating with those consultants to help provide guidance with some of the most difficult situations that exist in the process of managing a property. One of the main benefits that DEMA Consultants provide is local perspective on the answers that you may have questions with. This provides a cost savings that is passed onto you the homeowner because they are local and you do not have to pick up the costs of flight and lodging. DEMA is providing an introduction to some of the most talented estate managers in the world right in your own area.

The items that these consultants will work with you and your staff on are as follows:

  • Creation of Estate Manual
  • Home Inventory
  • Assistance during the hiring process
  • Communication Techniques

 Meet Our Consultants


Latricia Friend

Latricia Friend, of Household Management Services, is a Certified House Manager and Private Service Consultant. She is a talented advisor who possesses keen insight into the smooth operation of high-end residences, leadership for domestic staff, and flawless execution of the daily details that define a luxury lifestyle.

Based in New York City, she trains domestic staff and assists luxury households to implement their desired level of service. She handles every aspect and detail necessary to provide principals and their guests with a 5-Star luxury lifestyle. Skilled at solving complex issues with staffing, service delivery, maintenance, logistics, and events – she can improve the operations of any household. Known for her ability to complete tough projects in a timely manner, her direct communication style is tempered with her professional demeanor, multi-cultural awareness, and elegant style.


 Jennifer O. Laurence

Jennifer is a consummate hospitality professional who has loved domesticity for as long as she can remember. Early in her college career, she discovered the world of professional home management and private service through an estate management internship, and knew she had found her calling. Her passionate commitment to pursuing unique educational experiences lead her to attend the only all-women’s hospitality school in North America; a unique Bachelor’s program where the business of hospitality was always balanced with elevating the art of domestic service. She has continued to devote herself to professional development in private service, completing a Wine Sommelier certificate, a Visual Communications certificate, and attending the prestigious Charles McPherson Academy for Butlers and Household Managers where she graduated top of her class.

For over 17 years she has worked in all areas of hospitality and private domestic service, as well as in commercial property management and facility services. This blend of experiences has made her a very successful private service professional because she is able to use her strong hospitality and facilities management business foundation and balance it with the grace and decorum needed to work in private service. Throughout her career she has served High Net Worth clients, celebrities, and successful business professionals in their home and office settings, making even the smallest details extraordinary for the people she serves. Since moving to Chicago in 2007, she has been consulting privately in the field blending her experiences on the residential and commercial sides of the industry. She is passionate about the private service industry and serves as the President of the Chicago chapter of the Domestic Estate Managers Association.


Graham J. Lefford

The Wolf Service is a consulting/project based company offering the perfect combination of a troubleshooting mentality with an eye for detail and exacting standards but a simple and straightforward, efficient approach to achieving results. I work with those who work with you to solve problems and provide you with the best service possible.

Originally from London, England, I was raised in a strict family where manners and presentation were held to the highest standards. This translated for me into a natural service mentality. My first job was as a dishwasher in a summer resort, where I was quickly promoted to waiter. It seemed my future was set at that point. I did attend university where I studied Biochemistry, but service called me back.

I have worked in service and management for 38 years, 27 of them in UHNW private homes as a Butler and House Manager. The first 11 years in top Restaurants and Hotels. I got my first job as a Butler almost by chance in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. This first HNW position was a formal home with a large staff working under a Major Domo. It was here that I learned the intricacies of working in a private home, furniture, art and supervising the trades as they worked inside the house and on the grounds. After about 4 years the Major Domo departed and I was left to help run the home. After a little more than 7 years in that first job, I moved to New York City for a Butler/House Manager position. It has been a whirl wind for me ever since!

I have had the privilege to manage and run some of the most incredible estates and homes in the country. I have served families of every style. The knowledge and experience I have gained through these experiences put me firmly in the top tier of this industry.

My mission is to take the skills and knowledge I have gained and put them to use helping as many families as I can.

Let me, “The Wolf” bring out the best in your service!

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