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During my career, I have learned many valuable lessons. My Marine Corps values have always steered me in the direction of success. Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity, Equality, and Respect are just a few values that have helped me gain respect from my peers. My education from Northwood University in business management combined with several networking and referral marketing courses have proven to be valuable assets in creating and running a worldwide association! The association’s core values are compassion, understanding, protection, security, communication, and a philosophy of win/win. Our goal is to raise standards for the domestic management industry and all service providers throughout the United States and beyond! Specialties: domestic staff, house manager, estate manager, household manager, domestic association, luxury, service providers, service professional

October 10, 2017

“Au Fudge,” Here Comes the Judge: Cutesy Name of Celebrity Owned Restaurant Takes on New Meaning as Employees File Suit for $1.5 Million

To read the headlines, you?d think Jessica Biel was a monster. Biel and her business partners are accused of ?stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from employees? at their kid-friendly L.A. restaurant, Au Fudge. In reality, Biel and company are being sued for conduct that isn?t necessarily illegal. This lawsuit is an important lesson for […]

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