What is DEMA’s policy on the placement industry and how does it affect our membership?

by Domestic Estate Management Association


First, we would like to state that we are not a placement agency. We are an educational association with the sole intent on providing all of our members with different tools and resources to protect the estates we all work in.

  • DEMA does not accept fees, contributions or donations from any agencies or Principals if we refer a member who finds employment.  From time to time we are asked by some agencies for a referral to any members that are currently seeking employment.  Over time as the membership has grown all of our members have requested that we create a job board for DEMA Members only. This will allow our Agency Members and Private Service Members to communicate more effectively.
  • DEMA accepts Domestic Placement Agencies as members of the association with the completion of our extensive application process.  The first step for an agency is to pay an application fee and undergo a background check on the business, second we will provide the findings of the background check along with the completed application to our local board of directors in each chapter for review, third the board will vote on whether or not the agency is approved for membership (majority vote is accepted into the network) and lastly once approved the new agency member will be allowed to participate on the DEMA Job Board to make our Private Service Professional Members aware of any job openings that they currently have.


  • If a Principal is looking to employ a member on their own accord we always recommend that they use a professional DEMA approved agency that is skilled in providing the proper guidance in regards to job descriptions, contracts and ethical practices.  This will in turn protect all parties involved.


  • DEMA will help any of our Private Service Professional Members find employment by referring them to reputable DEMA approved agencies and Principals that are current members of the association.


  • DEMA encourages our professional members to reach out to one another if they have any needs in the estate they manage.  This usually happens during our networking events and by direct contact through email or by phone. 

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How does this affect me as an individual member?

Many of you already know these details in regards to the association’s policy on agencies.  This policy allows us to honestly say as an organization that we have no hidden agenda and are not  motivated by any outside factors.  DEMA is only motivated by the desires, needs and wants of our membership.

The association is funded by our membership dues that are paid by our Private Service Professional Members, Principal Homeowners, Service Provider Members (companies and vendors) and National Sponsors.

As an association we are committed to bringing together individuals and companies with character & integrity that believe in doing the right thing, while providing the best service possible!

As always, if you have any questions on this, or any other policy, or want to give us any feedback please do not ever hesitate to contact us.

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