A Placement Agency Membership in the DEMA organization provides you with a wide variety of benefits to help you grow professionally.




Domestic Placement Agencies are job recruiters & companies that find employees to work in and manage estates, luxury residences, aircraft, and yachts for Principals. There are over 900 placement agencies that specialize in Private Service in the United States.

Everything that DEMA does as a collective association ultimately is put in place to protect, preserve, and service the estates & interests of the Principal.

DEMA is dedicated to having agencies be a part of our membership that operate by our Supplier code of ethics to treat our Private Service Professionals and Principal Members with the professionalism & respect that they deserve.

DEMA maintains a membership of a very select number of Placement Agencies. All of our members abide by our mission statement, adhere to our rules of conduct, privacy policy and code of ethics.

Free access to EstateJobs.com for DEMA agencies for one month
Agencies that continue with subscriptions will receive 20% off
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Ability to promote your company as DEMA preferred
Post available positions in our Career Center on our
DEMA-member-only job board
Listing for your company in our online directories
Discounted pricing on annual convention & regional conferences
Immediate exposure to PSP, Family Office & Principal members
Free monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly networking events
Create referral relationships with other leading companies
Introduce your company with our podcast radioshow DEMA Live
Host networking events & meetings for our membership
Help populate libraries of podcasts, videos, articles & forums
Member dental insurance program for your staff
Membership perks with discounts on products & services
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