Reach domestic management professionals around the world with a DEMA organization membership.




Preferred Suppliers are companies that perform services inside or outside of luxury estates and are able to apply for DEMA Membership. We are very particular on what companies are allowed to join the association.

We allow companies to apply for chapter membership who adhere to our five star rating criteria. DEMA strives to have companies be at a four or five star level in order to accept them into the network. Certain industries or consultants may not have a star rating.

Proper licensing or industry certifications
Proper insurances to work in estate homes
Conducting background checks of their employees
Having a written and enforced drug policy
Companies that do not sub-contract their services

Our network of companies are dedicated to assisting the needs of luxury estates. DEMA maintains a discreet and rapidly growing number of Private Service Professionals and luxury Principal Homeowners who demand the services of pre-screened suppliers.

DEMA also has membership options for companies that would like to have a regional presence in the association or would like to pay for dues on a monthly basis. Please contact us for details on these programs (subject to approval).


Ability to promote your company as DEMA preferred.
Listing for your company in our online directories.
Immediate exposure to PSPs’ and Principal members.
Free monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly networking events.
Create referral relationships with other leading companies through Chapter Meetings (face-to-face) or on DEMA’s website forums.
Introduce your company through our DEMA Virtual Chapter weekly presentations.
Host networking events & meetings for our membership.
Help populate online libraries of online videos & articles.
Private online forums to connect with other members.
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