A Principal Homeowner Membership in the DEMA organization provides you with a wide variety of benefits to help you grow professionally.




Principal Homeowners are the driver of the Luxury Market and are the employers of our other membership categories. HNW individuals and families who are looking for more resources to help manage their estates are eligible to join DEMA.

Everything that DEMA does as a collective association ultimately is put in place to protect, preserve, and service the estates & interests of the Principal.

Family Offices are also allowed to join on behalf of the Principal. Our Principal Homeowner Members consist of HNW Families and Individuals who are looking for assistance in solving any need or interest in maintaining their residences or estates.

DEMA maintains a discreet, private and rapidly growing number of Private Service Professionals, Preferred Suppliers, Global Affiliates, Domestic Placement Agencies, School and Educator Members who are here to service your needs. All of our members abide by our mission statement and adhere to our rules of conduct, privacy policy and code of ethics so you will be treated with the professionalism and respect that you deserve.


DEMA is a full-time association created to offer a more efficient means of operation. Your membership is a value-added resource, we do the homework so you don’t have to. You have a problem, DEMA will help solve it!
Easy to use templated family estate manual
Post jobs to our exclusive DEMA member only job board
Online directories of preferred agencies, suppliers, & educators
One free job posting to the largest estate job board, EstateJobs
Access to industry demographics, including salary ranges
Online libraries of podcasts, videos, & articles
Relocation program designed for having an easier transition
Membership perks with discounts on products & services
Neutral & transparent advice in any situation
Access to the Confidential Asset Purchasing platform. A direct buyer to seller purchasing platform which allows direct entrance to purchase some the worlds most valuable art collections in the world.
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