WatsonLogo_1John Watson Landscape Illumination is recognized internationally as the leading authority and pioneer in the field of landscape illumination for almost sixty years.
Our “Design Build” expertise in creating a personal, nighttime, living and entertaining environment is unique and distinctive. We are extremely versatile in all exterior illumination design concepts, offering everything from the original John Watson “Moonlighting” and specialty feature lighting, to energy efficient LED landscape and architectural lighting. We understand the needs of our discerning clientele and strive to exceed their expectations by creating their ideal nighttime ambiance. Worldwide, John Watson Landscape Illumination looks forward to working with you for all your outdoor illumination desires. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in our firm being a part of your team of professionals.
The Artistry of Landscape Illumination
Over half a century ago an artist, landscape architect and electric lighting innovator by the name of John Robin Watson pioneered the field of landscape illumination. The company he founded, John Watson Landscape Illumination, is currently credited with over 20,000 custom designed outdoor lighting projects around the world. Today, the company continues its majesty of nighttime ambiance under the design eye and unparalleled experience of his son, John Shannon Watson.
Our clientele spans the globe from Hollywood celebrities, government officials, music entertainers, professional athletes, Wall Street professionals, and Royal Families.
For almost sixty years, John Watson Landscape Illumination has satisfied discerning clients who require nothing less than the very best.
Our “Design Build” process, from initial design consultation to equipment  manufacturing and onsite installation and maintenance, offers a full range of landscape illumination services. The professional design team cooperates fully with other professionals and specialists including architects, landscape architects, builders, property managers, interior designers and land developers. We combine the innovative concepts of landscape lighting design to address safety, security and aesthetic concerns in developing the complete outdoor lighting system and activation requirements for nightly use and special events.
This allows John Watson Landscape Illumination to create custom designed lighting solutions for an extensive range of properties, from small cottages to palatial estates and beyond. We look forward to assisting estate managers in their quest to create the most beautiful nighttime ambiance for their homeowners that is energy efficient, low maintenance and useful every night for decades to come.
John Watson Landscape Illumination ? 748 South Sherman St. ? Richardson, Texas 75081
1-800-886-7751 ? www.watsonlighting.com


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