Article Library

Sorted by categories, view educational articles written by industry experts that offer many pieces of advice for maintaining a residence or estate. Topics may range from when a furnace should be checked to when would be a good time to have a roof inspected. Please offer any suggestions for articles you would like to see added to this library.


DEMA Live Radio Show

Learn and listen from engaging speakers from the Private Service Industry on a variety of topics.Be sure to listen to the monthly podcast show and be “in the know” on all of the current developments within the Domestic Estate Management Association.


PDF Downloads

Browse through and download printable PDFs, applications, chapter information, and brochures. Coming Soon!



Purchase educational books, dvds and programs – and the DEMA Manual – through our DEMA E-Store.


The DEMA Social Network

The DEMA Social Network “DSN” is an online community specifically created for all DEMA Members to communicate privately with each other.  Unlike other commercial social networks, the DSN has been created exclusively for the Private Service Industry and will never be made public.  There are many great features for the DSN!


Video Library

View videos on a variety of topics important to Private Service, provided by industry experts and DEMA Members. The video library is a resource where our members can go to find various videos that may help them with maintaining their estate. So instead of looking at multiple sites, you can find videos that pertain to estate management in one library! Please offer any suggestions for videos that you would like to see added to this industry – first library.


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