“Au Fudge,” Here Comes the Judge: Cutesy Name of Celebrity Owned Restaurant Takes on New Meaning as Employees File Suit for $1.5 Million

To read the headlines, you?d think Jessica Biel was a monster. Biel and her business partners are accused of ?stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from employees? at their kid-friendly L.A. restaurant, Au Fudge. In reality, Biel and company are being sued for conduct that isn?t necessarily illegal. This lawsuit is an important lesson for […]

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High Times and Fast Money: Keeping Your Company Drug and Lawsuit Free

The times they are a-changin?.? Twenty-nine states, DC, Puerto Rico and Guam now have laws legalizing some form of marijuana, with fourteen more states expected to pass similar laws this year alone.? Meanwhile, back at the ranch, America is in the depths of an escalating public health crisis, with the opioid epidemic now classified as […]


Why You Should Consider Hiring a Landscape Architect

Your principal approaches you with an idea for a new project. Maybe it?s a pool, tennis court or an expanded outdoor entertainment space. Or what if you?re confronted with a drainage problem? Do you call a contractor? Installing new structures, or dealing with a drainage issue, regardless of the property involved, will require a deep […]

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