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August 17, 2017 ~ The New way to move Fine Art, The Confidential Asset Platform- Rita Sullins

On this edition of DEMA Live we are joined by Rita Sullins,  founder of the newest private benefit for DEMA members, “The Confidential Asset Platform”.  The Confidential Asset Platform is going to provide DEMA Principal’s the private opportunity to purchase and sell extremely rare pieces of art and jewelry on a direct buyer to seller basis. This platform will be hidden behind the DEMA Website and will help insure that no outside sources will be able to see what these assets are selling providing the privacy that all principals are looking for. It is with great excitement that DEMA is able to provide this opportunity as one of the new benefits to our DEMA membership.
 ~Running time 45 mins~

May 31, 2017~ LinkedIn- Personal Touch Career Services

On this edition of DEMA Live Donna Shannon, of Personal Touch Career Coaching Services joins the show to discuss the impact that LinkedIn has had on the private service industry.  Donna will address how a professional individual can leverage LinkedIn not only to build great connections but also help build a toolbox of relationships to have at your disposal when you need them most.  Donna will also run down the recent changes to LinkedIn and will address the new pay to play platform that LinkedIn has established and answer the question of if it is worth dishing the money out.                                                                                                                 ~Running time 45 mins~


March 29, 2017 ~ Family History Preservation- History Associates

On this episode of DEMA Live, Dr. Ken Durr of History Associates shares insights into how estate managers can help their principals preserve and share their family history.  We will also discuss the process behind writing a history book or biography and the impact that it can have on the family or the business which they may own.
~ Running time 45 mins ~


March 22, 2017 ~ Insurance- Globe Midwest Adjusters International

This week on DEMA Live, Carl Gross of Global Midwest Adjusters International joins the show.  During the show, Carl will be talking about different situations that the luxury homeowner should be aware of.  He will also help provide tips and other items that PSP’s to look for to make sure that the homes they manage are insured properly before it is too late.  So don’t wait until the unspeakable happens, listen in to this week’s show so that you can be the security blanket your principal hired you to be.
~ Running time 45 mins ~


March 17, 2017 ~ Art Security- Art Guard

 On this edition of DEMA Live Bill Anderson of Art Guard joins us.  Many in the art world consider Art Guard, as the go-to resource consider when it comes to providing protection for your high-end art collection.  We will be discussing how securing art has changed over the past 10 years, how technology is now impacting the security side of art, and the importance of maintenance, installation, and cataloging of your collection.
~Running time 45 mins~

Image result for Jeff Dean Lutron February 15, 2017 ~In-Home Lighting- Lutron

On this edition of DEMA Live we will be discussing the latest lighting technology solutions as they pertain to today’s homes.  Joining us for this discussion will be Jeff Dean of Lutron Lighting Controls.  Jeff is the Northeast Sales Manager for Lutron and has seen first hand all of the technological advancements that have happened over the past ten years.  He will share with us his insight on those changes and how they have impacted the home and will also share with us some of the new technology that is coming on the horizon.
     ~ Running time 45 mins ~


Image result for sonya WeisshappelFebruary  8, 2017~ Home Organization

On this edition of DEMA Live we will be joined by Sonya Weisshappel owner of Seriatim.  In addition to home organization, Seriatim has experience in organizing tax receipts, downsizing, life transitions, they have even been asked to get involved as consultants in insurance reviews.  On the show will discuss these topics and so much more as it pertains to being a home fiduciary consultant.
~ Running time 45 mins ~


Image result for Thorsten Meier   February  1, 2017~ Events Concierge

On today’s DEMA Live, Thorsten Meier, Founder of Life In Motion Group joins the discussion to talk about things that you need to know when trying to procure those hard to find tickets for the hottest shows in town.  Thorsten will explain how you can look like a rockstar to your principal and make the impossible possible.

    ~ Running time 45 mins ~     



July 31, 2012
In the following DEMA LIVE “Road To The 2012 Convention” podcast, we have the opportunity to sit down with Peter Colt Van Ryder of Estate Management Solutions. We discuss his topic for the convention which will be on professionalism. We talk about reality television and the damage that it can do to a small industry like Private Service. The discussion then leads into ways that we as a community can come together to better educate anyone who wants to better understand what we do as Private Service Professionals.
~ Running time 20 mins ~


July 18, 2012
Doug Greenberg from GardeRobe sits down with us this week to discuss everything related to garment care & storage.  Learn all about GardeRobe and their one-of-a-kind services.
~Running time 15 mins ~ 

July 11, 2012
DEMA LIVE  interviews, Acu-Bright, Inc. Acu-Bright is the only company in the world to invent and employ equipment to safely clean & protect chandeliers.  Acu-Bright specializes in chandelier restoration, repair, installation and inventive cleaning services and is the inventor of the unique Aquasonics™ cleaning system for fine crystal and fixtures. This touch-free, environmentally safe process provides a marked advantage over traditional chandelier care because it employs sound waves rather than chemicals while cleaning chandeliers in place.
~Running time 18 mins ~


May 15, 2012
This is a special edition of DEMA LIVE with video! Over the past year David Stanislaw has been interviewing many of our members regarding how they handle conflict in the home and how they resolve it. DEMA recently got the chance to sit down with David and review his results. This is the full 18 minute interview that we did.
~ Running time 15 mins ~


May 14, 2012
Is this edition of Road to the 2012 DEMA Convention we interview David Gonzalez. David is the founder of Domestic Placement Online and Estate In this interview David explains why this years DEMA Convention is the must attend event for the Private Service Industry. He also talks about the workshop round table panel discussion that he will be participating in with other agencies from across the country.
~Running time 7 mins ~


May 9, 2012
Is this edition of Road to the 2012 DEMA Convention we interview Fitzgerald Heslop. Fitzgerald is this year’s Master of Ceremonies. In this interview he discusses the importance of attending the convention for all Private Service Professionals and some of his past experiences.
~ Running time 16 mins ~



March 25, 2012
In this edition of DEMA LIVE Katharine Giovanni of the International Concierge and Lifestyle Management Association, discusses the importance of associations to industries and how ICLMA is striving to educate and set standards for the concierge industry.
~ Running time 25 mins~


February 24, 2012
Charles MacPherson takes time to help address the issue regarding the use of the word “Domestic” and talks about, ” To have or not to have a title.. that is the question”.
~ Running time 16 mins~


February 10, 2012
Learn about Private Service Payroll issues with Tom Breedlove from Breedlove and Associates.
~ Running time 16 mins~

February 3, 2012
This week we discuss The Fiscal Concierge with David Drap.
~Listen to the show! – Approximate running time 12 min~

January 26, 2012
Former Celebrity Personal Assistant Extraordainare and Educator, Bonnie Low-Kramen joins us in this week’s discussion.
~Listen to the Show! – Approximate running time 25 min~


January 19, 2012
Kathy Webb from Homework Solutions joins us in this week’s discussion.
~Listen to the Show! – Approximate running time 30 min~


January 12, 2012
Donna Shannon from The Personal Touch Career Services, Colorado.  We speak at length about Private Service Hiring Cycles.
~Listen to the Show! – Approximate running time 33 min~


November 16, 2011
In this week’s show we interview Jill Smirl from Mom’s Best Friend Agency in Aspen, Colorado
~ Listen to the Show! – Approximate running time 30 min~





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